NOVADICE™, Certified Precision dice by Sonné

Each set of four (4) NOVADICE™ is sealed with a tamper-resistant tape that reaveals "void" on the package when opened.

Each pair of NOVADICE™ is serial-numbered

by Sonné

NOVADICE™ are Certified to be of the highest quality and workmanship. Each die is subjected to rigid manufacturing protocols and industry guidelines to "Certified Perfect" standards.

Certified: "Authoritatively or officially attested or confirmed as being genuine or true as represented, or as complying or meeting specified requirements or standards."

Post manufacture, each serial numbered die is further tested and pedigreed with over eighteen (18) accurate tests, measurements and unique proprietary information that is duly recorded and secured in our files.


Should there ever be questions about the accuracy or authenticity of NOVADICE™, they may be returned for comparison to the recorded specifications for each individual die or set of four (4) dice. For a small fee a report will be generated and the dice returned.

All dice are 9/16" size with rounded corners - the ideal size for backgammon play. Novadice™ are an excellent choice for serious backgammon play and other gaming that requires precision dice.

Novadice™ are available in a rainbow of colors!


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Novadice™ - 2 pair (4 dice) Precison, rounded corner, 9/16" size Dice - Certifed by Sonné.
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